Team Oriented, Empathic & Creative

What is leadership?

We all have our perception of Art Direction, project management and leadership. From my 20 plus years of experience working in key positions as the head designer for corporate business’s and as a freelance designer for smaller companies, I see my leadership style as empathic and team-oriented. I set the creative and strategic track for my clients and guide them toward campaigns that offer a solution to their problems and that puts a spotlight on their visual presence.

I lead in this way: I believe that we can’t do anything great on our own, we are all part of a greater effort. We need to listen to and learn from each other, have fun, and draw strength and inspiration from all of the parties involved.
For this style of collaboration to succeed, there must be someone who can shine a light on that chosen creative path, and I am that leader. If I can encourage the best work out of my team, then we all thrive and grow, and the company, the brand, the team, and the message that we want to share with the audience are ALL successful.