Bromma Blocks

Course: Art Direction at Berghs School of Communication

I took this course to build onto my skills in project management and hands-on design as an Art Director and designer. It allowed me to dive deeper into the processes, theories, and strategies that affect the conceptual work involved in communication challenges for a product, brand, and service, in order to strengthen the focus on the customer experience.

Case study: Helping Bromma Blocks achieve a competitive advantage.

I served as the Art Director, leading my group in the Berghs course. We developed a concept for Bromma Blocks (to move it forward) that was based on the aviation history of Bromma Blocks and Bromma Airport. I sketched new solutions for the FoodCourt, the mall entrance, and the store locations. We brought in sustainable slow-fashion pop-up stores and created interactive customer navigation throughout the mall. We chose to bring in a coworking connections space, as well — an innovative and inviting environment that encouraged visitors to stay a little longer, get their work done, and connect with the mall and with the community.