Sofia Bergin

I am a skilled communicator with a clear point of view on how to take brands to the next level. I enjoy a proactive and positive approach to problem-solving and have a collaborative mindset. I am a self-motivated and energetic individual with a high level of initiative. I take pride and joy in being an inspiration to my team and believe that having fun along the way, creates the best results. My passion is helping business’s extend their visual voice with a focus on innovative and creative design thinking. My personality fit a somewhat crazy, fun work environment where we believe in color and playfulness, a place where we can expect the unexpected and thrive together.

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Phone: +46 707595714

Caliholm AB

Today, I run my consultant/freelance business out of Stockholm, Sweden. At Caliholm AB, I build and manage brands that evoke a feeling and tell a story using strategic, empathic and authentic design solutions. I work closely with my clients to develop the brand that best represents their business and their values, not just the latest trends! From brand strategy, marketing and package design to full website launch. My spirit is working with them, helping them to show the world a brand that is a little less complicated and a little bit more fun.


My Story

Stockholm to California: My story as a designer began more than 20 years ago. Born and raised in Stockholm, I set myself on a creative, fun-loving, and artistic path, until, as a young adult, I set off to capture the California Dream. I found myself in the vibrant city of San Diego, California where, as a young graphic designer, I worked with a large IT Training company. My loyalty to that business and to my team kept me on that wave for more than 20 years, both in the US and in Sweden, both as a freelance contractor and as Art Director of the inhouse graphics department. That company, Infotec, with its five different branches, was formative in my career.

California to Stockholm: After working on a variety of creative projects with local clients in San Diego for 13 years, my journey took me back to my childhood roots in Stockholm, and I embarked on the adventures of motherhood. While traveling the globe with my young boy, I discovered that many of the games, tools, and activities sold to keep children happy when traveling lacked both creativity and the sustainable values close to my heart.

The creation of LACE + TRACE: So, my California business partner and I took matters into our own hands (literally!) and decided to handcraft screen-free, eco-friendly, mindful activities for traveling kids. LACE + TRACE, our small international business, was born. We loved every moment of our journey as product designers, creating, launching, and selling a product that we believed in. Our venture at the Stockholm design fair, Formex 2020, gave us a big push, and our products ended up in museum shops and small toy stores around Stockholm. As the pandemic changed the ways in which the world was able to travel, we took our creativity in a new direction: helping clients take their brands to the next level. We started Caliholm Design, a boutique marketing agency for a variety of clients. We work independently, and together depending on the client. In 2021 Caliholm Design became Caliholm AB in Sweden and I continue my journey with a focus on Swedish clients.

ETC: In my free time, I paint acrylic paintings, run along the water in Nacka, and enjoy my time with my friends and family. I am a hopeless optimist and an energetic, driven, and social soul with a one day at a time approach to life.

// Sofia

Adobe Creative Cloud 90%
UX/UI Web Design 67%
WordPress 80%
English 100%
MS Office 71%
Sarcastic Humor 93%
Hopeless Optimist 100%
Emotional Intelligence 77%
"Sofia virtually walked into our bakery and took in all the feelings, core and spirit of the bakery. She then applied it to our new logo, brand design, story and website. We are grateful to find someone that can sense a client's vision, mission and value, even from a different continent".
"Sofia has the unique ability to take a sliver of an idea or concept and turn it into a magical piece of art. Her work is the perfect combination of strategic design and next level wow!"
"Sofia is an essential part of Dale Carnegie's success on the US East Coast. Her digital marketing skills are irreplaceable and we highly value her creative approach to design and keeping the brand in a consistent visual focus of our clients."
"Sofia has been a key player of our Infotec team for more than 20 years. Her creativity and ability to grow and evolve with our branches and today's technology advances are impressive. She's like family. Her enthusiasm is contagious and dedication priceless."
Ann Perry - CEO